Debut Album (LP) from No Sugar.
October 4th 2019 on Sabotage Records and Inhumano Records

From the ashes and hiatus of some of northern Germanys’ usual suspects in the diy-punk stomping grounds, such as Stumbling Pins, No Weather Talks and Plastic Propaganda, this four-piece from Kiel / Leipzig is all about having fun with no more than three chords, eyeliner and the everlasting promises of Rock’n’Roll. Between the lines, No Sugar make it clear that you can’t kick out the jams if you don’t kick out toxic masculinity. It’s not a party, unless everyone can party. Love and passion are just as political as they can be fun or hurtful. No Sugar like to celebrate this with pizza- metaphors or citations of Rock’n’Roll-myths instead of trying to preach to the converted.

@No Sugar, 2019

Taking influences from the ditches of the last 5 decades of pop- (and punk!) culture and predecessors as diverse as Bikini Kill, The Runaways, The Sonics or The Subways – No Sugar is determined to bring some partytimes to your local squat, bar, club or livingroom. Equipped with their 2018 EP ‘Wasting Time w/ Rock’n’Roll’ and the upcoming debut album ‘Rock’n’Roll Isn’t Boring, It’s you’, recorded by Tommy Tift at the legendary The End Studios in Lund, Sweden. Set to release in October 2019 on Sabotage and Inhumano!

1. Time’s Up
2. Sons* Of Guns_Daughters* Of Doom 3. Pizza Girl*
4. I Don’t Know
5. Can’t Help My Generation
6. No Sugar
7. Friends Like You
8. Ice Tea
9. Don’t You Stop
10. Suburban Shoes & First Band Blues
11. Hidden Track


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