How We Feel (LP) from Drawbacks.
September 2019 on Inhumano

Since 2012, Drawbacks offers a melodic punk hardcore filled with rage, intensity and emotions, drived by a screamo influence. After releasing a first EP in 2013 and shared the stage with some very cool bands, a new record :
« Common Impairments » was released.
This second EP was released in 2016 as a CD and 12″ vinyl on Don’t trust the hype (FR) , Dingleberry records (DE), Miss the stars records (DE),Smithsfoodgroup (NL), One wild collective (FR),Dead punx records (BE), Pundonor records (ES), Rubaiyat records (UK), 59SRS (RU), Tanato Records (IT), Mosh Potatoes (BE).
After playing some shows defending this record, the band takes a break to mature.

Drawbacks 2019
New single video Empathy from How We Feel

At the begining of 2018, the band starts writing their first album : « How we Feel », a lot more in the vein of « the bands we all listened to, but that doesn’t play or barely do these days ». As exemple, we can think about Go it alone, Another breath, Verse, Miles away… The recording process ends at the very end of 2018, then the record is sent to be mixed and mastered in Boston by Jay Maas (Verse, Defeater, Death of a Nation, Miles away, Bane, The Carrier, Carpathian, No trigger, Title fight…).
With a new line up, the band is finally ready to promote the album everywhere it will leads them, share their emotions, feelings, and everything they put into this record.


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