WE’RE INHUMANO, actually based in Lausanne, we’re releasing records since 1998.

D.I.Y. label + distro.

In the late 90s I was beginning my higher education at an architecture, design and arts campus, which allowed me to have access to technology and information that most people in Santiago de Chile’s hardcore punk scene didn’t; computers with editing software, internet and a photo camera made possible the release of a semi-professional quality offset fanzine called “Inhumano”. This fanzine was oriented towards the political and social situation at the time. The copies were developed by a mixed group of social sciences, photography and design students, with an emphasis on articles and personal visual works. This first approach to exchange allowed me to get in touch with an important amount of local bands, where soon after a cassette tape compilation of seminal bands from the first wave of Santiago Hardcore was released. 300 copies of this tape were sold.

I saw the word “inhuman” while watching an old skate video… or a hardcore video, I don’t remember. Then I had the idea of taking a black t-shirt and drawing the word on it in Spanish, “inhumano”.

This is the beginning of our story.


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