NEW RELEASE ON INHUMANO: Worst advice / faces 7″

Hey! record nerds, disappointed with the new Green Day song? Buy the new Worst advice 7″ as vinyl finally showed up. We are stoked about how pretty they turned out, limited to 200 copies on transparent magenta vinyl.

Magenta vinyl pressed at Flight13- duplication (GER)

In 2018 four friends in their 30 ́s started a band instead of making big career plans. Less than one year later they recorded four energetic songs, driven by two lead singers and personal lyrics. The result turned into a 7“ edited by Inhumano.

Punk & Peace 2019 – Regensburg, pictures by @passe_eventmedia

Worst advice is: Marcus Duvenbeck (Guitar), Philipp Kindl (Vocals, Bass), Matias Muñoz

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