The Meseeks – Renegade


Record Details

Punk Pop

Does anybody know where Brig is? We knew about this small town because is the place where we wait on our dear van for the train that crosses the Swiss border towards Italy, going through an interminable tunnel. The first thing we thought when knowing this band’s hometown was about how difficult it might be to make a punk band where all three members sing, and where the melodic ensemble sounds current as any world-touring trendy band right now.

The Meseeks are totally brilliant, watching this band coming from one of the most remote corners of Switzerland is impressive, you can clearly see the high level of mutual understanding they have. Listening to a demo and asking yourself how something that good can come out at the first try is something that rarely happens. Edited in tape, their songs sound like a happy mix of bands in the vein of Not Scientists, with unmistakable riffs that sound very current. All members take turns to take over the microphone, to the perplexity of the audience that has been lucky to attend to one of their few gigs. Short shows where the band even plays some old punk rock songs treated to their particular sound. Talent and brilliance is what The Meseeks are all about, we feel lucky that they are on our label, at least until a black limousine kidnaps them to take them on a stadium tour with Green Day, word.

A1. Wrong Track, Money Back – 4:10
A2. Judy Was A Punk – 1:32
A3. Total Devotion – 3:21
B1. Longings – 3:17
B2. Idiots – 2:45
B3. Renegade – 4:02