Fiskales Ad Hok – S/T


Record Details


Fiskales Ad-Hok is one of the most iconic punk bands in Chile and it’s specially motivating for us to work together for the first time in a project, editing their fourth studio release in LP format.

Fiskales’ history is turbulent as the music that they make. In spite of that fact, the band has trascended over the course of three decades and has influenced generations of artists and fans. Calavera was originally released in 2001, shortly after the departure of their historical guitarist Víbora and the arrival of Memo who would replace Micky on the drums. In addition to the establishment of the CFA and the possibility of experimenting in their own studio, these changes drove the band through a search of new sounds that allowed their revitalisation. Mastering for this vinyl release was in charge of Felipe “Pelao” Arenas, new artwork was prepared by Camilos Rudo! and our label did general production to take the dust off a record unfairly dozed in the memories of last decade’s punk bunch. Lastly, and just as we said at the beginning, we expect this to be the first, but hopefully not the last, joint effort with our friends Fiskales.

A1 Ten Piedad – 01:40
A2 Cristianos – 03:46
A3 Ranchera – 03:18
A4 Hambre Del Corazon – 03:39
A5 Madre Patria – 04:12
A6 Libertad Vigilada – 03:03
A7 Santiago (Instrumental) – 03:49
B1 Tonto – 04:08
B2 Ron Silver – 01:40
B3 Paramama – 03:12
B4 Almorzando Entre Muertos – 03:54
B5 El Condor – 03:23
B6 Borracho – 04:24