Drawbacks – How We Feel


Record Details


Drawbacks are from Lille and play hardcore closer to the dark side but without forgetting the melodies in the vein of Bane and the like that made people sing along in the moshpit. With existentialist lyrics and in less than 30 minutes Drawbacks allow us to get into a record full of introspection.

During 2012 the band starts their first shows that would give way to two EPs released in 2013 and 2016, followed by a two-year hiatus. The band’s comeback featured a renewed line up and a thorough sound when compared to their earlier material, without compromising their origins and the references from bands like Verse. Even though Drawbacks play hardcore, their aesthetic search is fundamental to make the band rise from the generic hardcore lot, due to the careful work and dedication they have shown with the album’s artwork, social media management and audiovisual work. In times where hardcore sounds are in decline, Drawbacks provide another breath.

A1. Basics – 02:00
A2. Movement – 02:35
A3. Wheat Price – 03:34
A4. Ancestors – 03:52
A5. Empathy – 02:26
B1. Nature – 02:06
B2. Rebuild – 02:23
B3. Reach Point – 02:47
B4. Never Ending – 03:28
B5. What We Leave – 05:04