No Sugar – Rock ‘n’ Roll Isn’t Boring, It’s You


Record Details

Punk, Garage

No Sugar is, first and foremost, a radical political discourse that brings together anticapitalist ethics and principles, feminism and gender equity. It’s an aesthetic bomb from north Germany that redefines the limits of punk through the particular rhythm of their songs.

Here at Inhumano we have a very eclectic, prejudice-free interest when it comes to the limits about how hardcore and punk should sound. However, the first time we listened to No Sugar it made us think about an incredible amount of indie pop bands, although the rhythm was still punk with some garage arrangements. This might be the reflection of the band members’ personalities and gender inclusion in our scene. This release involves a collaboration for the first time with labels like Sabotage (DE) and Dirtnap (US), which is an extra, and gives a hint about the band’s enormous potential. A solid and fresh piece of work from a group of enthusiastic young people who will continue having a say with their projects. Solid orange vinyl limited to 100, plus 400 copies on black vinyl.

1. Time’s Up – 02:08
2. Sons Of Gun, Daughters Of Doom – 02:30
3. Pizza Girl – 03:13
4. I Don’t Know – 01:34
5. Can’t Help My Generation – 02:59
6. No Sugar – 02:28
7. Friends Like You – 03:28
8. Ice Tea – 02:02
9. Don’t You Stop – 02:19
10. Suburban Shoes & First Band Blues – 04:04
11. Hidden Track – 02:12