Young Harts – Truth Fades


Record Details

Indie, Punk

We regret missing the co-release of Young Harts first EP, and that’s why we didn’t want to make the same mistake again with their first LP that brings together midtempo songs with reminiscence of 90’s American indie bands, without losing the energy and essence of punk. Young Harts is nostalgia and hope at the same time, a group of old French punk characters who have the talent of meeting and compose incontestable anthems.

We always thought they came from Lyon, as we were recommended the band by some friends from said French city, a good reference if we consider the amount of cultural and musical activity coming from that place. We got it completely wrong, as the guys are from Clermont-Ferrand, a city that we’ve never been to and don’t know what is like. We could clear part of the mystery by watching the band live in Paris and we were impressed at the energy and and joy transmitted by the band when playing, synergy that can be felt. Indie/punk/mid tempo songs, guitars without effects, and sober artwork. Ten songs to listen for hours and feeling hopeful of better things to come.

A1. Singled Out – 03:17
A2. Figure out This – 02:02
A3. Rearranged – 02:28
A4. Pace – 03:45
A5. Strategy to get Beers – 01:57
B1. Intern – 03:25
B2. Breaking Season – 03:00
B3. For a Life – 02:33
B4. Loyalty Through Time – 03:22
B5. At the Browery – 01:54