NEW RELEASE: Verbal razors – By thunder and lighting is out!

There was a time when hordes of long-haired young people dressed in black leather scared “normal” people when crossing them in the middle of the night. It was the golden age for thrash, bastard crossover of a generation bored with glam metal and punks bored of listening to ten bad bands on the same bill.

Few years ago a reduced but active group of people eager for this sound led a revival of the genre. Verbal Razors is part of the latter as they play an evolved version of thrash without losing the essence of the old school.


Thrash metal at the early 80s was the hideout for punks and metalheads who were able to create a weird but explosive cocktail, essentially punk but musically more metal. Nowadays a small group has brought that cocktail essence back, but adding renewed sound quality and current technique to the mix. Treutreu, Heavy Heart’s drummer (with three records on our label) talked to me once about his new thrash parallel project, to my surprise as HH play something very melodic. After some discussion and when I have almost forgotten about it entered to listen their Bandcamp and to my surprise again it was real, a thrash band with addictive riffs and characteristic high speed. By the end of the year, Treutreu sent a message, the record was ready. This is the first record of its kind out on Inhumano, with people active in numerous parallel projects and a sound as wild as the history of this particular music genre.

Release date : March 13th, 2020
1. By Thunder and Lightning 00:00
2. We Are Rats 03:14
3. Riot 05:13
4. Trash 07:25
5. Jump into Dead End 10:02
6. Water Drop 12:32
7. The House 16:51
8. Love Song 19:22
9. Order by Kicks 21:38
10. Cross the Line 23:35
11. Party Mate 26:27
12. Lazer 28:42

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