NEW RELEASE: Jodie Faster – Blame yourself LP is out on Inhumano

Everytime we see an incoming message from Mika we tend to think it’s bringing good news from our friend in northern France. “I think you’ll get interested” he says, humbly. Well, we know that Jodie Faster is a bomb. Bitter and angry fastcore, chaos in the pit and going back home with an extra dose of hatred towards police, that’s how we summarise JF.

Lille is characterised for being the epicentre of constant cultural activity related to hardcore punk. In fact, we have already visited the city with no plans to end enjoying gigs the whole weekend in a variety of packed venues. In addition, we have bands from the city are at Inhumano’s roster, including a couple of projects from Jodie Faster’s singer and Don’t Trust the Hype label’s owner, Mika, such as Confusion and Fake Off. Jodie Faster is – you’ll forgive the repetition – faster. Very fast. This record features seventeen songs full of anger, bitterness and social hatred played at maximum speed. This LP is a criticism of the neoliberal system, its supporters and protectors. The music is a caffeine fueled rhythm base that supports the powerful voice and a particular guitar played without distortion or effects. A clean guitar sound that might remind you of Dead Kennedys. We think maybe Jello Biafra would be proud of watching this missile called Jodie Faster play.

Jodie Faster – Blame Yourself (Full Album)
Blame Yourself Front Cover

01. Still Not Loving The Police 00:00
02. JDS 01:05
03. Punk Police 01:41
04. Mad Marx Stadt 03:11
05. Push The Button 04:21
06. Did Not Vote 05:05
07. Gloucester’s Finest 05:49
08. No Gain Just Pain 06:45
09. The Chicken & The Gorilla 07:32
10. Your Gods = Outta My Way 08:55
11. Grab & Go 09:59
12. Blame Yourself 11:08
13. Don’t Take It Bad 12:01
14. Be Nice Or Go To Hell 13:08
15. Grit Your Teeth (Youth Avoiders cover) 13:49
16. We All Bleed Red 15:17
17. Tempus Fugit 16:45

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