Raincheck – Last Call

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Melodic-hardcore from Lyon, France. Absolutly tunes for fans of Shook ones or Gorilla Biscuits, killer songs. Single-sided 12inches EP.

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Once they released their first EP called “True Love” we thought that Raincheck were just treating themselves to release an album together, as their members have taken part of a lot of different bands and consequently have accumulated time on the van wherever a fun gig comes up.
Good news is that they decided to go for another EP that is a small melodic punk hit bomb, which encompasses the best from bands such as Shook Ones and Gorilla from the US, as well as something from the now defunct Death is Not Glamorous. Only positive hardcore vibes and melodies wherever you focus your listening. During times of confinement, Raincheck have been the daily motivation to escape in the middle of the night listening to this epic EP at full volume on the headphones. Six songs with not a single disappointing part. We just have to wait for gigs to start again soon so we can enjoy the good vibe the fabulous Raincheck put wherever they go.

1.Rational Choice Theory – 02:15
2.Cleaned Out – 01:54
3.Foolish – 02:23
4.Of Anger – 01:33
5.Infused Confusion – 02:37
6.Sick Sad World – 02:44

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