Hey yo !
It’s time for us to announce the release of first Jodie FasterLP “Blame Yourself” on 2020 January 20th !
It was made with love by talented people :
Record : Nico Ote Rama at BBQ Studs, Lomme
Mix/Master : R3myBoy – Mix & Mastering

Here is the cover made by our friend Tom (aka Death by Coffee).

This record is co-released by some cool labels all around Europe on a 12 inches vinyl :
BELGIUM : Loner Cult Records (Antwerpen)
SWITZERLAND : Inhumano (Lausanne)
UNITED KINGDOM : TNSrecords (Manchester)
GERMANY : Rouge et Noir (Bremen)
HUNGARY : Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records (Budapest)
Acouphènes Records – DIY Label (Lille)
DON’T TRUST THE HYPE recordz (Lille)
Crapoulet Records, le label des mecs cools (Marseille)
– Emergence records (Rouen)
Dirty Guys Rock (Tours)
KLVR Records (Dunkerque)

Tape version will be released by :
DIRTY SLAP Records (Fr) & DEAF PUNX records (Fr)

Release Gigs :
– Feb 7th, Lille Vitamin X / Jodie Faster (release party!!!) / TBA à la Brat Cave (more infos really soon)
– Feb 8th, Paris : infos to come

Check out the first excerpts if you hadn’t already :
“No Gain Just Pain”

Can’t wait for y’all to hear it !