YOUNG HARTS: single streaming

“Singled Out” – powerful indie punk rockers YOUNG HARTS premiere new single on inhumano.

YOUNG HARTS‘ galloping offering perfectly reflects their impatience and voracity. Some would evoke, in the theory, an indie rock with imprints a little punk but labels and other influences, they sway, it is the spontaneity of their compositions that defines them best.


This time I feel like I’m singled out.
Head high, reason that I’ll think about.
Right now, bleeding from my only heart.
Still sour, present here from the start.

Head down, freak I’m suffocating.
Don’t frown, bleak we’re separating.
So tired, nothing is relating.
I’ll sit down now sleep forever waiting.
Get back up still forever waiting,
Get back up still forever waiting.

Bring back the feelings that I felt last night.
Laid back staring at you out of spite.
On my own I’m breaking through these boundaries.
For my own, I reason with these temporaries.

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