Young Harts – All I Got


Record Details

Punk, Indie

All I got is Young Harts’ third LP and the second released by our label in which they preserve that taste and love for nostalgic melodies from US 90s indie rock bands like Superchunk.
The album smells balanced between mid-tempo rock and a couple of more accelerated tracks that invite you to pogo and increase that closeness with the punk world that surrounds them.
The band told us details about the recording of the album and how they dispensed with any effects in the recording of this LP, which adds a much more rustic and rough sound, with a lot of shine on the guitars. We believe that this also helps to create a closeness in their live shows where the voices bring even more ruggedness and nostalgia to the total set of this new LP, where the songs are magnificently structured.

1. 1 + 1 =11 02:01
2. Appearances 03:47
3. Weight 02:55
4. Weather 03:39
5. Ornica 02:19
6. Up In Flames 02:59
7. Climbing 02:37
8. Slip 03:10
9. Still Shining 02:29
10. Statisctics 04:32
11. Shun It Down 04:22