Uberyou – Compilation


Record Details


Überyou is a Swiss band based in Zurich. It’s not only a group of friends but also a work team that regularly puts up shows and festivals, such as the Obenuse Fest, which is an instance where different clubs at the same neighborhood have simultaneous shows, just like The Fest in Florida, USA. This organized work force has allowed them to travel through America, where they played shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Central America, ending their tour in the US at the aforementioned festival, a hard test for their cohesion and friendship that the band seemed to assume very naturally.
All the band’s hard work has translated in 3 LPs and a couple of 7-inches, a very extensive discography that registers their sound and style evolution. This compilation is the result of the line they drew from a very rustic punk to a noticeably more elaborated arrangement work, well complemented by their singer, Ian Varesi. The last songs included in the tape belong to their last 7″ called Frontiers, and the inclusion of this record in its entirety didn’t come up by chance, because according to the band this is the most representative record for the current state of this group of friends.

A1. On A Detour Home – 2:45
A2. Tangled And Strangled – 2:36
A3. Another Night – 3:54
A4. ICCL – 2:17
A5. Born This Way – 3:59
A6. A Gift And A Course – 3:17
A7. Old Habirs V/S Me – 2:45
A8. Indestructable – 3:13
B1. All We Got – 2:06
B2. Better End – 3:30
B3. These Walls – 3:54
B4. It’s A Trap – 3:17
B5. So Long – 3:17
B6. Reputation – 3:13
B7. Uncontrollable – 2:15
B8. Best Of Me – 3:55