T.A.M. – Tu Amargo Madrugar


Record Details


TAM’s journey is a sequence of life stories sung in a simple, catchy punk rock rhythm, which talk about real life experiences of real characters who sometimes seem unreal, as if they came from a fiction novel. TAM’s lyrics have always been a parody of what life’s like in a capital city, with its risks, frustrations and mixed feelings. The band’s third album follows the way they have paved over the years, in addition to a set of special features that make having this record a worthwhile investment. On one hand, the band shows a renewed arrangement work, innovative riffs and choruses and special guests. The band members pretend to drown their sorrows in alcohol, but they also have the motivation to improve and add new elements to each song. On the other hand, the lyrics seem to be more honest and representative of daily life in Santiago, keeping the sarcastic remarks that are part of the band’s seal. This record is simple, thinking about an accurate and effective gesture, sharp as the punk rock that comes from the throats and hands of the band members. Go TAM.

A1. Prefiero – 01:53
A2. Asuntos Pendientes – 02:09
A3. Ella No Tiene Facebook – 02:17
A4. Desarreglo – 01:51
A5. Infusión Milenaria – 02:13
A6. Good Moments – 02:49
A7. Basta De Humillaciones – 01:37
A8. Lxs Presxs – 02:06
B1. Rata – 01:53
B2. Días De Mierda – 01:53
B3. Quedando Atrás – 02:37
B4. Destruir El Miedo – 02:53
B5. El Colegio Es Lo Mismo Que La Universidad – 01:54
B6. Villancico – 01:16
B7. Sentirme Viva – 01:17
B8. Bar Uno – 02:05