Soft Animals – Self Titled


Record Details

Indie / Punk

Soft Animals is a project that comes from the ashes of many now extinct bands from northern France. We have agreed with Remy, the singer, about releasing something with their old band, but it broke up shortly after. I had news about this new band earlier this year, and listening to their demo was a huge surprise! Although the songs have a familiar mid-tempo, the vocals’ strength left us astonished. Then we listened more carefully and realised about the deep composition work behind each track. With a sound reminiscence to the indie punk scene from Gainesville and intimate lyrics, Soft Animals released a debut album that goes beyond expectations. The greatest surprise that this year brought.

A1. Secret Words – 5:35
A2. Echoes – 3:44
A3. Idols – 3:27
A4. Empty Spots – 3:01
A5. Pull Me Down – 3:26
A6. Jade – 2:38
B1. Boss Of Me – 4:05
B2. Fading Beam – 2:51
B3. Dust – 4:16
B4. Patterns – 3:43
B5. Lichen – 5:20