No Demuestra Interés – Días De Furia


Record Details


Hardcore scene in Santiago during mid-90s was composed of a small number of people who exchanged fanzines and records with other people in Buenos Aires through handwritten letters or a lucky friend who travelled beyond the Andes mountains. NDI was one of those first records we exchanged and that we still keep in our CD shelves, it was almost a duty for us to see them released in vinyl.

The story begins with some re-recorded copies of Extremo Sur and Días de Furia that someone already copied from another copy. One day while hanging out with friends at the Biobio flea market, where we sold all sorts of hardcore and punk tapes, someone came offering his original CDs for sale. At that time, only adult people with purchasing power could afford buying CDs because of its high cost. This seemed like an opportunity to purchase an original record at an affordable price, which was enough for us to feel both happy and curious. Tha latter made me go to this unknown person’s home, where after exchanging some words he showed me his small record collection on sale, I could identify Agnostic Front and SOIA records among them, as well as a couple of NDI records. I knew Extremo Sur already, but I’ve never listened to Días de Furia before, so purchasing that one seemed like the obvious choice. I kept those CDs for years, which later became valuable items for collectors. After discussing with Ale at Vegan Records we decided to release this unmissable South American hardcore classic.

A1. Indicios – 5:17
A2. Riñas – 1:59
A3. Murallas – 4:46
A4. Formas – 3:16
A5. Desilución Por Un Hermano – 3:33
B1. Estimo (Ya No Puedes Volver) – 5:14
B2. Ceguera Juvenil – 2:24
B3. Mirando Mi Tiempo – 2:18
B4. Discriminación – 2:13