Loquero – Club De Solos


Record Details


Club de Solos is one of those Argentinian punk records that don’t make you feel nostalgic, in spite of the passing of time. On the contrary, it gives back the youthful energy that faded throughout the years, remembering the lyrics for each song turns into a deeply emotional exercise.

Originally released in 1999 by Ugly Records, Club de Solos is the second LP by this band from Mar del Plata, Argentina, which embraces a more stylised sound without losing their punk roots. With subtle signs of post punk, Club de Solos was the first step towards Loquero’s recognition as inspiration for a generation of punks eager to push punk boundaries without compromising their stance. This special edition is our second homage to a set of songs that are registered in our cerebral hard drive, in a way that as soon as the first chords are played, we revive memories of a glorious age that is an essential part of the road we have travelled.

A1. Ghost In The F.O.R.A. – 02:14
A2. Frío – 02:22
A3. Check To Me – 03:57
A4. Ansiedad – 01:31
A5. Mariposas – 03:31
A6. Esculturas – 03:12
A7. Estamos Cansados – 04:07
B1. Días Extraños – 03:16
B2. Eutanasia – 03:04
B3. Generación – 04:20
B4. Vicki Vomitó – 01:32
B5. Event Time – 03:35
B6. Because – 04:09
B7. Quisiera – 03:30