Fiskales Ad-Hok – Fiesta


Record Details


Originally released in vinyl as a 10″ for their European tour in 2000, Fiesta is the third official album by Fiskales Ad-Hok, edited in 1998 with VĂ­bora in the guitar and Micky Cumplido in the drums, which turned into a classic Chilean punk record.

This reissue features a growth to 12 inch format, remastered sound and an updated insert and artwork, preserving the original cover. This record includes classic punk anthems ‘Odio’, ‘Fiesta’, ‘Lorea Elvis’ and their version for ‘ResistirĂ©’ by the Spanish Duo DinĂ¡mico.
Fiesta is the second album by Fiskales Ad-Hok released by our label. We hope to continue with these collabs offering the best sound and artwork for a professional quality collectible object as possible.
Two vinyl colorways: clear yellow and clear yellow with red and black splatter. Limited to 500 copies.

A1. Caldo E Caeza – 01:01
A2. Campanitas – 02:42
A3. Fiesta – 01:39
A4. Odio – 01:57
A5. Tan FĂ¡cil – 01:52
A6. Gracias – 01:16
A7. Gordo – 01:34
A8. Lorea Elvis – 02:31
B1. Al Puerto – 02:01
B2. Ponk – 02:10
B3. La Mancha Del Jaguar – 02:08
B4. Cuando Muera – 00:43
B5. Incoherencias -01:55
B6. ResistirĂ© – 02:09
B7. La Cumbia De Pancho – 01:46