Cadena Perpetua – Malas Costumbres


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Sometimes you have to be at the right place and at the right time for big things to take place. During our 2017 holidays in Santiago, we went to watch the Argentinian band Cadena Perpetua who came back to play in Chile after a long time. We were introduced to each other by Oso from BBS, and after a conversation we agreed on doing something with them through the label. The final result is a reissue of an Argentinian punk rock classic, Malas Costumbres, a collection of punk rock anthems living in the collective memory of South American punks. Crashing on trans-Andean nights during late 2018.

A1. Malas Costumbres – 2:43
A2. Emigrar – 4:23
A3. I Wanna Destroy You – 2:50
A4. Sigo Acá – 2:33
A5. Secretaria De Turismo – 2:47
A6. Desde El Infierno – 2:57
A7. Inolvidable – 3:13
A8. Imperialista – 2:30
B1. De Más – 3:00
B2. Yo, El Mal – 1:53
B3. Canción Infantil – 3:09
B4. ¿Por Qué Parar? – 2:43
B5. Diferencias – 3:25
B6. ¿Te Acordarás De Mí? – 2:22
B7. Los Chicos Lloran – 3:23
B8. 18 Hs. – 2:06
B9. Panorama – 2:52