Bobby Ramone – Rocket To Kingston


Record Details


Sometimes ideas might seem marvelous when you’re under the influence of alcohol or some illegal, mind-altering substance. However, after waking up the next day you realise the only incredible thing is the hangover you have, which eventually disappears and leaves you laughing about the memories of stupidities and bad ideas from last night. Some other times, very rarely, those hallucinations turn into work and fun, transforming these ideas into something we ask ourselves how no one thought about it before. Bobby Ramone is just that, what resulted from a group of drunken friends who decided to record and produce an album playing Ramones while sampling Bob Marley. Every detail is a gesture to what we’d call punk culture. Limited edition to 100 black or white tapes.

Bobby is jammin’, hey ho, let’s go!

A1. Durango 65 – 1:19
A2. I Don’t Wanna Stand Up – 2:45
A3. Stirring In My Room – 2:56
A4. Today One Love, Tomorrow The World – 1:57
A5. Jamming Affairs – 2:06
B1. Three Little Surfin’ Birds – 2:11
B2. Kaya Bop – 2:22
B3. Glad To See You Cry – 2:52
B4. Is This Love Kills? – 2:47
B5. Bye Bye Redemption – 3:33