Altair – Nuestro Enemigo


Record Details


At some point last winter our friend Luigi, who lives in Madrid and is the boss at Pundonor Records, sent me a message with a link to listen something I didn’t know about. He tells me it’s a new project of local people playing post hardcore in the vein of Touche Amore, and La Dispute with some screamo like OJNE. I engaged immediately because the compositions were complex and required my full concentarion to get into it. It’s also undeniable the amount of time you have to dedicate to prepare a record like this, there is a big effort in every part that composes this work, from the music to the media. The band felt the need to set up the environment for this, dark, dense and anxious, with songs like Penitencia and Calma y Olvido.

A1. Redención – 01:33
A2. Calma Y Olvido – 03:33
A3. Verdugo – 01:17
A4. Penitencia – 04:13
A5. Distancias, Fronteras – 03:58
B1. Cólera – 03:32
B2. Despedida – 02:00
B3. Nuestro Enemigo – 03:52
B4. Afasia – 06:30