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The breakup of the French band Sport was bitter news for many people after their last show at Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. However, amidst the Covid pandemic, Nico, a former member of the band, sends a message announcing that ¾ of Sport formed a new band, or rather a collective, as they invited people from Young Harts and Pame, who sings and plays guitar in the Italian band The Smudjas.
What’s most surprising about this story is that the collective had already recorded an album and attached a link to listen to it at the end of the message.
The album features 11 songs of pure punk, fueled by a raw and wild sound, referencing the late 80s Boston punk, as well as Australian garage or in the vein of Dirtnap records. Melodies and choruses are pretty effective and make the songs stand as an angry, solid and unpretentious set, on behalf of a group of musicians who opted for the opposite of something boring and snobbish.

A1. Kill the projector – 0:35
A2. Thru my window – 1:46
A3. Juger – 1:42
A4. Hotbox – 1:42
A5. Driving around – 3:22
B1. Tony Hanks – 1:36
B2. Rice – 1:34
B3. Scribes & Pharisees – 1:03
B4. Juger woman – 1:04
B5. Johnny – 1:34
B6. Cantono – 2:04

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