The Meseeks – Heavy Dreams / Vibes Plasmoniques

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Meseeks dare to leave their comfort zone and evolve beyond the limits of the conventional. We realised that upon reception of their newest EP where the band could have perfectly continued through the same path of stereotypical melodic punk, something they know and manage well in spite of being still in their twenties. However, they decided to do a turnaround and direct their new songs to something definitely fresher and contemporary.

Quoting the latest work from Basement or PUP and always keeping a neat production work, which makes them earn perfection and quality, their new release references indie rock from two years ago but always keeping it punk through calculated gestures. Just five songs for a sophisticated and intense EP. The Meseeks are one step closer to the big league, we warned you.

A1. Summer Nights’ Appealing – 03:19
A2. Papertown – 02:38
A3. Processed By The Artifical Bloom – 03:16
B1. B.O.L.T. – 03:39
B2. Prairie – 02:47


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