No Demuestra Interés – Extremo Sur

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2nd repress of a huge classic, limited to 300.

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In 1993 the first LP of a Hardcore band from Argentina was released. That album was called Extremo Sur, which contained blunt songs of less than a minute, with songs titled “Pateá al slogan”, “Youthful Blindness” or “You must take off your uniform”, which alluded to the feelings of youth at that moment, battered by economic crises and an uncertain future. Undoubtedly, Extreme South indicated the origin of the band, not only for being formed by members who lived in the South Zone of Buenos Aires and the city of Buenos Aires, but also because it indicated where Argentina was geographically – “far away “, at the discretion of the members of the band. This album was recorded in Buenos Aires and mixed in New York by Don Fury, responsible for work with bands such as Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Madball or Sick of It All, among others.

A1. Debes Quitarte El Uniforme – 1:31
A2. Patea El Slogan – 0:41
A3. No Es Por Mí – 1:12
A4. No Demuestra Interés – 1:42
A5. Que Todo Sea Para Bien – 2:39
A6. Cargando Mi Odio – 2:19
A7. Siempre Engañado – 2:02
A8. Por Debajo De Tus Influencias – 3:03
B1. Fé – 3:14
B2. Discriminación – 2:17
B3. Ceguera Juvenil – 2:25
B4. Mirando Mi Tiempo – 2:19
B5. No Emoción – 0:58
B6. Violencia – 2:20
B7. Tu Fin – 2:21

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