Nightwatchers – Who’s to blame

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Fast punk rock from Toulouse, France.
Swamp green version is limited only to 100.

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Second 12″ EP of this French band, a caffeinated blend of punk songs that could perfectly be the soundtrack for a bankrobbers’ TV series from the past century.

After their unanimously acclaimed first EP, the southern French Nightwatchers strike back with a second release loaded with lyrics against the police. Just like they did at the beginning, the band continues striking with fast and melodic songs. However, a new layer adds up to the ingredients’ list, a darker side that takes references from new wave. This mix helps defining a more particular sound that characterises the band, which is played in a way that is directly shot as bursts to our faces.

A1. Guilt Is Subjective – 3:08
A2. Deposition – 2:31
A3. Pav’s Dog – 1:46
A4. You Have The Right To Remain Silent – 2:43
A5. Empathy & Me – 3:47
A6. It’s A Shame – 2:27

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