Hunted Like Thieves – Control

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Hardcore from Zürich, Switzerland. Amazing artwork and killer songs.

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Our tireless friend Christian is back again leading a new hardcore band, born after the separation of his old project called Turning Cold.

We have many memories from our old trips to Zurich for hardcore gigs almost ten years ago. In addition, we remember some characters from the local scene. We have never asked Christian if he really lives there, but for us he was part of the familiar faces we could see on each show. Shortly after we would see his first hardcore project with clear reminiscences of Verse or Have Heart, and when this project seemed to reach an end, a renewed line up and a new name gave way to a first LP following the project’s path from where it was left. This 7 inch EP is their first collaboration with Inhumano and the first 7″ in HLT’s history.

A1. Impermanence – 02:45
A2. + / – – 03:49
B1. Boundless – 03:30
B2. Control – 02:50

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