Fiskales Ad-Hok – Traga!

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When we talk about Traga, we talk about one of the fundamental pieces of Chilean punk. Traga is a record that introduced the band Fiskales Ad-Hok to the masses and confirmed to a whole generation of punks that a locally produced record could sound and look just like the records that rarely made it to Chile from abroad, as the country was just opening to the rest of the world after almost two decades of a dictatorship, and consequently of artistic censorship.
Traga is the result and maybe a summary of the feelings of anger and frustration of a generation turned into this missile that exploded in the middle of the 90s.
After some time, we are proud to announce that the band trusted us with the production of a reissue of this iconic record, and we took advantage of this opportunity to rework the original artwork, preserving the cover and making a gatefold version for one of our favourite albums of all time.

A1. Río abajo – 3:31
A2. Carlitos Jesús – 3:07
A3. Perra – 1:07
A4. No Estar aquí – 3:00
A5. Algo – 2:29
A6. Gris – 2:22
A7. Eugenia – 3:11
B1. El perro del regimiento – 4:51
B2. Fuga – 3:36
B3. El circo – 2:17
B4. Tevito – 1:46
B5. Con nuestras manos – 3:45
B6. Banderitas y globos – 2:18

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