Dark Days – From Dusk To Dawn

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Post-harcore act from Bordeaux, France. After a fantastic 7 inches debut Dark Days is coming back with a new 12inches EP.

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Last summer we met some people from Bordeaux at the festival organised by Till from Guerilla Poubelle, they grabbed a bunch of records from our distro that we also enjoy a lot and are among our all time favourites. Months later we received a request to organise a gig for a post hardcore band we knew from a super EP edited by VOTU label. To our surprise, Lea, the girl who got in touch with us was the same who bought those records the year before in Paris. She sent us the pre master for this EP and we fell in love with the sophisticated elegance and emotiveness from their compositions, which orbit post-hardcore and screamo.
Just like it has happened with several bands of friends, we are waiting for gigs to restart as soon as possible to see them play in Lausanne and listen to those French screamo vibes we enjoy so much.

A1. Landscape – 6:08
A2. Black Clothes Blues – 3:12
B1. Le Silence De La Foule – 4:42
B2. Birds Still Singing – 7:37

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