Barrenfields – Palmistry

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Debut album from a bunch of punk rockers from Madrid, Spain. Misfits and early Danzig’s wings era sings by an awesome voice on the mic.

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Listening to Barrenfields for the first time is to think about what would have happened if the Misfits came back to life after years being criogenically freezed since Glenn Danzig’s departure. For everyone’s relief, Jerry Only would not have invited all his friends forgotten at the punk rock old people’s asylum. The band sweats an accelerated and raw punk, balanced with a powerful but harmonious voice. This is the debut of the Madrid-based band in LP format.

We first met Oli, Barrenfields drummer, playing in Accidente, as he was part of the recording of Pulso. We were surprised with Oli’s delicate technique to play the drums in something as brutal as punk rock can be. Shortly after would part ways with the band to dedicate time to some personal endeavours. Weeks ago we received a message from Oli on instagram telling us about his new band and a debut record on the works. Oli advises us that this might not be the label’s style but he was sending us something to listen anyway. To our surprise, it sounds so good for a new band only known by the few people that attended one of their first shows. Barrenfields play a raw punk in the vein of the Misfits but sounding in accordance with these times as well. The blues-like voice of Grace reminds us of Glenn. New band, new record on Inhumano.

A1. 7 Gallons – 0:00
A2. Black Hole – 1:50
A3. 24hour hungry people – 3:50
A4. Palmistry – 5:44
A5. Coven – 7:46
B1. Where the poetry lays – 10:28
B2. Rage – 12:50
B3. Astray – 14:54
B4. Thirteen (Johnny Cash cover) – 17:02
B5. Fake Fake Fake – 19:12

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